Productivity Hacks – The One Minute Hack For Improving Productivity

Productivity Hacks - Improving Productivity -

There is a lot that can be accomplished through prioritization, and this is an effective, easy productivity hack that anyone can adopt and immediately see results. However, it must be followed consistently.

Here it is: Do, immediately, any task that can be completed in one minute.

Answer an email, put something away, organize your desk, do something active, and so on.

This rule is easy to follow because the tasks are quick, yet have big results. It helps improve productivity by managing those small, nagging tasks and allows you to enter a calm state, feeling far less overwhelmed.

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Biohacking 101: Intro To Biohacking

Biohacking 101 - Fitness Tracker - Wearable Tech -

I’m Brett Prince, creator of

If you’re new to the world of biohacking, health, and/or fitness, this page is for you!

Here you’ll find the information you need to get up to speed quickly and to start your own health strategy confidently.

Biohacking: The Definition

In order to start building effective biohacking strategies, it’s important to understand exactly what the term biohacking really means.

Definitions vary. In my experience, what most biohackers crave—and what I focus on here at—is:

Creating strategies that take advantage of systems thinking, science, biology, technology, and self-experimentation to allow for the optimization of your body, mind, and your life.

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